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By Onie Calayan, UP TGP '77

The Tenets and Code of Conduct were composed by our founding fathers more than thirty years ago as an answer to the then prevailing social environment. Student upheaval juxtaposed against the birth of flower power, as we all know by now, marked the political landscape. Fraternities then, were convenient refuges against isolation and despair - of a want of direction and purpose. As a consequence, the Tau Gamma Phi was born. The birth of the Tau Gamma Phi was in response to the insidious violent orientation and such other unsavory notions about fraternities. The founding fathers originally made up of six members, deemed it wise to codify the Triskelion principles to enshrine this antithesis. Even a cursory glance at the Tenets and Code of Conduct will reveal this objective.

Given the altruistic tenor of the Triskelion doctrines, it is a wonder how our 
beloved fraternity evolved into what it was then and what it is now. For the beauty and truth embodied in our doctrines were spurred by peace, tolerance, brotherhood and love for life. Never will one find a single word about infliction of pain, death and violence. Our doctrines are imbued with the grandest of intentions, the preservation of harmony and co-existence. Alas and alack, this was not to be so. These human masterpieces were mocked time and time again by unwitting members. Mired in and confused by the fraternity system, they rose up to defend what the Triskelion stood for and, unfortunately, got lost in the fight against the very system they fought hard against.

Hence, to avoid ambivalence, the interpretation of Triskelion doctrines must 
always be done in the same spirit as our founding fathers created them. With 
open minds and souls, Triskelions must perforce embrace these noble endeavors as a way of life. They must be ingrained in our very hearts, in our very being. Each Tenet, each doctrine in the Code of Conduct, is a law unto itself, which if translated into positive action denotes the conduct of a true citizen of the cosmos.

Indeed, the Triskelion Tenets and Code of Conduct is a marvel of human aspirations, guided by the Supreme Being, and a revolution of ideas. Albeit many have fallen by the wayside in well intentioned but mistaken attempts to preserve them, it is the duty of each and every Triskelion to PRACTICE the doctrines. Lip service will never do justice to the ideal of a true Triskelion as immortalized in our principles.

It is a very fond hope, heretofore, that all Triskelions actually live the 
Tenets and Code and Conduct. They must not be consigned to mere ceremonial 
uttering - as in their recital during initiations. Rather, our Triskelion 
standards would be better served if they were always put within each member's 
individual and the fraternity's collective consciousness. Once there, the Tenets 
and Code of Conduct shall be engraved in stone.