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Moved from the discovery of a problem and seeking viable solutions, and initiating purposeful action for personal, familial, vocational and community betterment prompted the action-group of Rodrigo Sta. Maria Confesor, Roy Alolor Ordinario, Talek Hamias Pablo, Vedasto Sario Venida, Restituto Alfonso and Romeo Fortes to form the ORDER OF THE U.P. TRISKELIONS. Initially however, this small group did not much influence the times and decisions within the university of that for a second time it was renamed ORDER OF THE GRAND TRISKELIONS. Finding a common bond of interests and principles, the so called group finally had identified the trend of the then fashionable among the studentry .Greek lettered organization which resulted to the renaming of the group to TAU GAMMA PHI Fraternity on that historical October 4, 1968 at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. Convinced of the success of a unified endeavor, the founding fathers proved to be real pillars that was later manifested in the succeeding recognition of the fraternity.

Showing the public a discipline and collective determination and good examples, the fraternity got the attention and respect of the University of the Philippines body so that in the process an enlightened group of Bro. Jun Rodriguez took the leap-of- faith and forward to the TAU GAMMA PHI Fraternity in 1968 at Cavite -the first site of formal initiation. Under the leadership of Rodrigo Sta. Maria Confessor the first Grand Triskelion, much influence and action came to the history of the fraternity which reached to the heights of gaining control of the College of Arts and Sciences (C.A.S.) student body. These years were trying times of political 1971 at the U.P. so that the fraternity founded their own political party which is named KAKASA. The C.A.S. at that time was the dominant college within the university with regards to the logic of numbers which therefore proved that the TAU GAMMA PHI is a group to reckon with.

Reaping the fruits of labor, discipline and confidence of the Diliman community, the Triskelion principles reverberated outside of the U.P.-Diliman which signaled the advancement of the fraternity found a new home is the Philippine Maritime Institute (P.M.I.) on August 3, 1969.

A few months later another group of student at the FEATI University embraced the Tenets and principles of the Triskelion on March 5, 1970. Following the success at the P.M.I. and FEATI University, the fraternity explored at the Mapua Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) on Apri11970, and later on was revive on December 2, 1973. Following these development, a succession of the chapter foundation came the National University (N.U.) and readily found acceptance on October 23, 1970. Trying to find a Christian home the TAU GAMMA PHI was founded in the University of Santo Tomas (U.S.T.) on March 1, 1971, and Adamson University (Ad. U.) on July 8, 1973, and in that same year National College of Business Arts -Manila on October, 1973.

The year 1974 gave birth to the chapter at the University of the East -Manila (U.E. -Mia.) on January 21, at the Philippinee School on Business Administration-Manila, at the Manuel Luis Quezon University (M.L.Q.U.) on October 8 and at the San Sebastian College (S.S.C.) on November 19.

After the 3rd Regional Convention in 1975 at Narvaez Farm, Laguna. Another school embraced the Tenets and the Codes of Conduct of the fraternity, the Far Eastern University (F.E.U.) was founded on July 27,1975, the 13th and only chapter found in that year. Then the succeeding chapter have been found, the Philippine College of Arts and Trade (P.C.A.T.), now the Technological University of the Philippines (T.U.P.) on February 22, 1976, the University of Manila (U.M.) on March 7, 1976, the Central Colleges of the Philippines (C.C.P.) on July 11, 1976, the Philippine College of Criminology (P.C.C.R.) on August 7, 1976, the Lyceum of the Philippines on August 15, 1976, the Gregorio Araneta University Foundation (G.A.U.F.) on October 15, 1976, the De Ocampo Memorial School (now D.O.M.C.) on August 30, 1977, the Eulogio " Amang Rodriguez Institute Science and Technology (E.A.R.I.S.T.) on March 19, 1978, the Philippine Air Transport and Training Services (P.A.T.T.S.) on September 5, 1978, the Philippine Merchant Marine School- Manila (P.M.M.S.-Mla.) on March 2, 1979, the Perpetual Help College of Rizal-Las Piņas on August 9, 1979, and so forth and so on.

Preceding the declaration of Martial Law in 1972, it is noted that the spirit of advancing the cause of the studentry and social awareness in a unifying activity among the members of the fraternity and also of the various cause oriented groups. These times were brotherhood and nationalism is so intense made manifest the productive effort of the Triskelions.

Martial Law was declared on September 21,1972, so that the fraternity and together with other organizations became the target of military harassment and espionage because the then government believe that these fraternities posed a threat to the order and stability of the Marcos regime. A lot of fraternities were infiltrated in order to divide the studentry politically and creates intrigues or even troubles to disorganized the unity and true essence of brotherhood.

Struggling from the effects of Martial Law which suspended all fraternal and organizational activity within the collegiate levels. Bro. Ramoncito "Monching" Ocampo, M.D.G. of U.P.-Diliman took the trial initiative to explore and tap the younger generation of the studentry-the High School. This gave birth to the Junior TAU GAMMA PHI which found its home at San Beda College -High School in 1975 where Bro. Boyet Gorospe was one of the founders. With enough courage and probability of inculcating further the vision of a Triskelion within the community and outside of the school campus, the Triskelion Youth Movement (T.Y.M.) was also founded in 1977 at one of the community in Tejeron, Paco, Manila.

The lingering years of the Marcos government made a break among fraternities when the times again called the active involvement of the fraternity on various social protests and street parliamentarism, A new era dawned among the fratman for during these times it is seen that rumbles diminished and socio-political endeavor made centerpoint in the schedule of activities.

Living from the lesson of the past thirty-six years ago, today, the TAU GAMMA PHI now stands in the life of so many people in general and to the life of studentry in particular. Thirty-five long years ago now, the Triskelion spirit has helped shaped the socio-political and cultural landscape of the Philippine society in so manifestation. The famous campus rumbles, protest rallies, and collective social assistance to the public.

In the life the of the TAU GAMMA PHI, it is noted with pride that the time of crisis and had boldly decided and remedied so that for now the Triskelion lives and is moving towards a goal from distance.