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Bro. Michelle L. Flores, MDG
Vice-Premier for Mindanao

Have we ever questioned ourselves what a True Triskelion is? Well, this question can be comprehensively answered by our official color, which is "Gold over Black". We are all aware that the color Gold represents a Triskelion as the Light, and the Black color represents Darkness; so therefore, a Triskelion is the "Light over Darkness" and must never be the other way around. 

A light can never be surmounted by darkness no matter how small a light may be. Try to imagine being in a very dark cave with no light coming in from the outside, then answer this question: Would you see a lighted cigarette inside that cave? Well, definitely Yes. No matter how small a source of light is, it can never be overshadowed by darkness; and always remember that a True Triskelion is just like that light. Sometimes, we tend to negate the very essence of our being a 
Triskelion through our faulty actions. That is why we hear some comments and criticisms about some who are not being a true Triskelion. Here are some examples on how one becomes a "Darkness" 
and ceased to be a "Light" :

1. If you are introducing illegal and harmful drugs to a brod or to anybody, then you are the "Darkness" and not the "Light";

2. If you are a problem child then you are not a "Light";

3. If you have a bad habit of always insulting and discouraging other people, then you are not a "Light";

4. If you are a swindler then you are not a "Light";

5. If you are corrupt then you are not a "Light";

6. If you are pessimistic or a Negative Thinker then you are not a "Light";

7. If you don’t follow our Code of Conduct then you are not a "Light".

Fellow Triskelions, the hardest part of our Triskelion life was not the initiation rites but rather the how to become a Triskelion is the most difficult one. Nobody is a perfect Triskelion but having in mind and in our hearts, the essence of a True Triskelion is vital in our Fraternity Life. I would also like to stress that a True Triskelion is a God-Centered person because having fear in God will always inspire and encourage us to always do the right thing, and therefore always being a "Light over Darkness". It doesn’t matter what Religion we are in as long as it is God Almighty we are worshiping, then it is of vital importance in our quest to become a True Triskelion.

My dear brods and sis, this may sound so idealistic, but I always believe that in order to achieve the fullest of oneself then it is important to aim for what is ideal. Since what is ideal for us Triskelions is being that "Light" then we must aim to become that "Light"… "Gold over Black", "Light over Darkness"; Let us make it happen! 

Good Luck to all of us Triskelions!